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Streaming TV Channel Developers

As early adopters of streaming Television, developing since 2008  for ROKU – Amazon Fire TV – IOS, Apple tv, and Major brand TV’s, – We can put your content in front of large audiences from the cord cutting revolution. Watch the video below and then fill out the form for more information



  • Imagine Having Your Own TV Network
  • Introducing You To The Massive Audience
  • Automated Process Saves Your Time
  • Earn Revenues From Commercials, or subscriptions
  • We represent content creators and broadcast outlets seeking content like yours


    FAST 24-7 channel — Syndication and revenue share opportunities
    Key advantages:
    Automated – Youtube content is ingested to our servers (autmoated) then distributed via FAST
    Syndication – Multiple broadcasters with large audiences (example, Freevee, Tubi etc)
    Revenue Share – No upfront cost, rev share (percentage on case by case basis)
    We bring you the distribution partnerships, mutually decide which make sense.

    Channel Development
    For the channel development, it is a sliding scale based on the number of platforms — in each case you keep the revenues from partnerships we take a back seat on that.

    Here is a rundown (You keep advert revenues)
    ROKU + Amazon Fire TV $2500 one time +$99 per month
    ROKU + Amazon Fire TV + Apple TV $3500 one time +$125 Per month
    ROKU + Amazon Fire TV + Apple TV + IOS Iphone/Ipad + Android one time $4500 +$149 Per Month
    ROKU + Amazon Fire TV + Apple TV + IOS Iphone/Ipad + Android + Smart TV + Linear 247 Live Channel one time $7500 +$199 per month
    FAST 24-7 – Stand alone no ROKU or Amazon etc, $3500 one time + $99 per month.