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If you haven’t already hooked into the world of Local Now, let me fill you in on this gem. Born from the innovative minds at The Weather Channel in 2016, Local Now started as our go-to for hyper-local weather and news updates. But guess what? It’s transformed into a nationwide colossal free streaming haven, operated by Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group. We’re talking a lineup that’s ballooned to over 450 free to watch live TV channels – a dream for cord-cutters.

Local Now isn’t just about weather anymore. There are many many local channels, so you can keep up on your home city, or of course this local area too. That brings us to the scoop that’s got us excited: 30A Media (30a.tv) are adding some of our 20+ streaming TV channels to the national broadcasts in the Local Now Network. Talk about an upgrade! Local Now just keeps getting better, and we are honored to be part of it.

They’ve spiced things up with a variety of channels catering to literally every mood and interest. From the gripping tales on True Crime Now to the serene vibes on Omstars TV, there’s something for everyone. Sports fanatics, have channels like VE Sports News and Adventure Sports TV – and now 30A.TV fishing, golf, auto racing and soccer. And let’s not forget the fam with channels like Family Time and Hipster. The list is endless, and it’s all free.

Local Now is making educational and public service content more accessible by planning to include all local PBS stations. This is a big win for families and anyone looking to expand their horizons without spending a dime.

Streaming Local Now is easy to find whether you’re on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Youtube TV, or mobile devices. Just search Local Now TV. It’s everywhere you are, ensuring you never miss out on your local scoop or favorite shows.

So, to my fellow TV aficionados, Local Now is our new playground. Whether you’re into news, sports, lifestyle, or just need some background noise while you work, Local Now is one to watch, literally. Let’s dive in and enjoy the endless stream of entertainment, shall we?

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Founded in 2008, 30A TV develops streaming tv platforms to broadcast 20+ channels of content, from 30A to Sports, Classic Movies, Podcasts, Comedy and Business News.