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The Free Ad-Supported Television (FAST) sector in the United States is not just growing; it’s booming, with channel offerings expanding significantly from the first to the third quarter of 2023. The total number of US channels has escalated from 1,539 in Q1 to over 1,600 in Q3. This remarkable growth trajectory is spearheaded by Plex, which alone increased its channel count from just under 500 to over 750 within the same timeframe. (Source Television Business International – Informa PLC )

However, Plex’s impressive expansion is just one part of the story. The Omdia Digital Content & Channels Intelligence Report has observed a more nuanced trend across the sector. While some channel carriers like LG Channels have pared down their offerings, suggesting a strategic consolidation, others have steadily increased their presence. Industry stalwarts such as Pluto TV, Roku TV, Tubi, and Vizio have modestly bolstered their FAST services with single-digit percentage growths.

In stark contrast, Amazon’s Freevee, Samsung TV Plus, and Sling Freestream have taken a more assertive stance in the market, with substantial channel additions of 152, 73, and 176 channels respectively. This aggressive expansion underlines the competitive fervor in the FAST arena, where a rich diversity of content and a higher channel count are pivotal.

Amidst these developments, 30A Media has emerged as a key technology provider in the FAST and streaming TV market. Specializing in transitioning YouTube channels to over-the-top (OTT) platforms and FAST, 30A Media has carved out a niche for itself by enabling content creators to broaden their reach beyond traditional YouTube viewership. Their expertise in porting content to new platforms has not only facilitated a seamless transition for creators but also enriched the FAST ecosystem with a wider array of content options.

The revised article abstract highlights the evolving dynamics of the US FAST industry, showcasing the different growth strategies of various players. It also introduces 30A Media as a pivotal technology enabler that is helping to shape the future of content consumption in the streaming TV and FAST markets. The narrative reflects the industry’s competitive landscape, where content variety, technological innovation, and strategic channel expansion are key to market dominance.

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