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HONG KONG, June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Redefining design and remolding experience, Toshiba TV’s X8900 OLED television is deliciously subtle in outlook and unapologetically ambitious from within – a classic specimen of Toshiba TV’s master-tier TV craftsmanship that resulted, for April and May alone, in a 24% quarterly increase in the television’s sales.


**Editors note, 30A TV Channels will be embedded in the VIDAA operating System (remote control)


With one of the most customer-friendly television OS (operating system) in the market—VIDAA, the X8900 categorically transforms the relationship between the viewer and the TV. Integrating voice control and universal platform search that are easy to use into the immersive confines of a screen, VIDAA knows by heart what your favorite contents are and how to bring them to you. In making wide arrays of content exponentially easier to access, VIDAA also simplifies your interaction with your TV and diversifies the whole experience.


As streaming and gaming starts to become indispensable for big-screen experience, the X8900 is equally uncompromising in bringing top-notch experience when it comes to speed and steadiness. Equipped with one of Toshiba TV’s signature connection features, the Dual Band, the X8900’s built-in compatibility with both 2.4G and 5GHz bandwidths is what cuts out the nonsense, secures the connection, and jumps you the queue directly to smooth, lag-less leisure. And knowing that one size rarely fits it all, the X8900 also comes with an insanely practical, easy-to-use screen-sharing feature. Whether it’s mobile gaming or event live-streaming, just connect, lay back, and project your favorite content on exactly the device of your choice.


Further complementing its hardcore technology features is Toshiba TV’s trademark masterclass minimalist design. At mere millimeters’ thin, the X8900’s sleek, slim, and stylish exterior, embodied in a single sheet as screen, reclaims back for you a space defined by well-balanced tidiness and pure aesthetic delight.


Melting the metallic tone of state-of-the-art technology into an unforgettable experience that flows, Toshiba TV’s X8900 OLED television is flawlessly tuned to cater the most nuanced of your desires and demands, a spectacular portal that leads to an immaculate synthesis of design and technology, simplicity and sophistication – a monument of the brand’s unceasing dedication to unrivaled brilliance.


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Source: Toshiba TV

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