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The advertising landscape is transforming, with smart TVs at the forefront of this evolution. If you are an agency striving to lead the way, it’s essential to align with innovative partners like 30A Media to harness the vast opportunities this medium offers.

There is a current shift away from fee based content providers, viewers are now flocking to advert supported streaming platforms, this shift presents significant opportunities. One notable avenue is the smart TV which has become the nexus of the modern TV experience. Unlike traditional platforms, this realm allows advertisers to reach viewers across multiple content choices. But how do we maximize this potential?

The Smart TV Difference

Embracing the smart TV requires a fresh perspective. It’s not just about transposing old strategies, but rather crafting unique ones suitable for this environment. This isn’t simply another advertising slot; it’s an engaging, dynamic interface.

Reach: Brands can connect with those elusive viewers who typically bypass traditional ads, capturing their attention before they dive into their chosen streaming content.

Engagement: It’s active and immersive. Instead of a laid-back experience, viewers are actively seeking content, making it an optimal time to present tailored advertisements.

Redefining Creativity
Brands have a golden chance to be creative – sponsoring content, offering branded content experiences, or even curating entire content rows. Think of it as embedding a brand amidst all the content a viewer might desire.

With 30A Media’s inventory, agencies have a front-row seat to major TV events, even if direct advertising isn’t feasible due to budget constraints.

Bridging the Ad-Buying Gap

Herein lies a challenge. The current ad-buying system, siloed into distinct formats – TV, digital, print – struggles to comprehend the smart TV and in-content advertising versatility. Many are still viewing this avenue through outdated paradigms. It’s not merely another connected TV slot; it’s a novel medium that the industry is still grappling with.

Yet, this transitional phase spells opportunity. Early adopters have the chance to command a significant market share, possibly at costs comparable to crowded traditional advertising platforms. UNDERPRICED — UNDERVALUED — Imagine being at the beginning of direct mail marketing, or email marketing, with 95% open rates, or at the forefront of sms texts, all underpriced, and undervalued at their inception — this is where Smart TV and connected (streaming) TV is currently placed.

Moving Forward with 30A Media

As consumer behavior shifts, so should our advertising strategies. Today, the smart TV is where viewers converge, making it an invaluable touchpoint. Partnering with pioneers like 30A Media, we can ride this wave, ensuring that as TV evolves, advertising strategies are always one step ahead.