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30A Media owns the 30A Television Network. Broadcasting to a multitude of TV outlets, such as Cable, OTT ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, IPTV Smart TV manufacturers and website entities. When you book a commercial, video production or other video service from 30A Media, this enables us to broadcast your content in the variety of outlets. Great videos are only effective if seen by an audience, and after 15 years, we have built that audience through syndicated partnerships with other Streaming TV (OTT) broadcasters.

Florida based television channel. “Information, Entertainment, Beach Style” peppered with a variety of original programming from Pensacola to Apalachicola Florida. Find the best eateries, things to do, and the people and places you will want to visit.

A Nautical Lifestyle channel uncovering amazing motor yachts, liveaboards, Yachting & Boating, Nauti Fashion & Style, Whale Watching, Sailing Vacations, Travel & all things Marine

30aTV Movies bring you a collection of TV and movies from days gone by. Westerns, Beverly Hillbillies, 3 Stooges, mixed with Jimmy Stewart – Kirk Douglas – Randolph Scott

30a TV Movie Channel OTT Streaming TV

Binge Watch Funny videos 24-7 from animals to humans and curious activity. Its Ridiculous !

Florida TV shows you the great places to visit, eat and play in Florida.

Bringing you the best and latest news from the Premier League, and of course Totteham Hotspur

Luxe Life Discovered podcast idea originated from meeting so many diverse, talented individuals along the Emerald Gulf Coast in Florida.

One of the nations top golf instructors, Rob Strano, brings you the most entertaining golf program in the world. You have seen him numerous times on Golf Channel with his creative segments. Rob brings this fun to The Golf Kingdom audience with the latest information in the game from some of the leading authorities in golf

For many years, Sidewalks Entertainment has been presenting an unbelievable amount of celebrity interviews and rising musical artists to TV and online audiences across the country. The TV show has been a popular entertainment choice to get an up-close and personal with today’s and yesterday’s biggest stars

If you are a fan  of motorsport, with the focus on European rallying, this is the place. Heartstopping footage, emotions, adrenaline and goosebumps that only motorsport can produce.

Darcie is a female angler in South Florida who can tie knots, rigs, gaff fish, throw a cast net and bridle live bait, kite fish and more!

Remember when MTV was nothing but music videos ? Well here is the channel you have been waiting for, just pure music videos, one after the other.

Investment Pitch primarily produces an innovative marketing package consisting of a short 3 minute video news alert, which is distributed worldwide across the Internet, and also embedded into a traditional text-based globally disseminated news release

Answers That Count with Charles Musgrove video podcast brings you the best in business advice tips and news any business wants to hear to stay on top of their game.

Find your piece of paradise in a little known part of Florida. Take tours of properties, shopping and the places near where you could live,

The Beach !

Laura Loomer is the most banned woman on the internet. Laura’s investigations have uncovered flaws and loopholes with Social Media giants, campaigns and companies, the truth’s you need to know.

Celebrating the stories of the film and entertainment industry in Georgia and beyond. We profile the talent both above and below the line, as well as highlight red carpet events. Watch our engaging and entertaining interviews and learn more about the Stars of Georgia and the World!

The truth. Unvarnished, naked, brutal. And unapologetic. World and national news and issues dissected and exposed without preconditions and preconceptions.

Gathering of weird news from around the USA and the world. There’s no doubt you’ll laugh, gasp, or maybe even cringe at Floridaman, the terrible jokes and crazy world around us.

Streaming TV advertising has an extensive reach that continues to grow. Over 200 million U.S. adults are watching streaming content, with over 800 million connected devices. Netflix and Hulu are the big players, but there are many smaller outlets with a large reach at incredibly low cost options.

30A TV Channels are also distributed in millions of  VIDAA Hisense and Toshiba Smart Tv’s – Read the Press Release here
The popularity of streaming provides advertisers with prime opportunities. Bring your TV commercials online, placing them in high-visibility areas on over 40 syndicated streaming TV outlets. Our syndication reaches up to 250,000 per day.
Advertisers can further boost their ad effectiveness and efficiency by enhancing their digital placements with interactive features and links.

Syndication Increases

Pzaz TV  – UK based broadcaster with over 500,000 subscribers is an “Ala Carte” provider of live TV and movies via apps in major platforms. 30ATV channels broadcast in Pzaz TV