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86% of U.S. households stream from a connected TV. Broadcast TV now has less viewers than streaming tv.

Put your business in a growth market, not a shrinking one. 30A Media (30ATV) has been developing and broadcasting streaming TV since 2012. Many years of being on the cutting edge of the current television revolution. Cord Cutting puts all the advantages into the business owners hands. Traditional broadcast TV can cost $30-$50 per spot (play) – whereas streaming TV is presented as a CPM (cost per thousand) as low as $1 giving massive value for the advertising spend.
30A Media (30ATV) network of channels bring a syndicated platform that is growing every day. High income demographics, Average income $120K+ Average Home Price $500K+ 

Below are 5 reasons why you should add Streaming TV  to your marketing campaign.

1. Flexible — Choose your target audience
2. Value – More plays for less investment
3. Pricing – Streaming TV advertising is underpriced
4. Growth Market – Cable  is dropping viewers, Streaming TV is adding them
5. Don’t have a tv commercial ? – Let us make you one !

PACKAGE #1 $2990 - Choose one channel - Advert plays 10 times per day for 12 months

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