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Amazon's Vega a Game-Changer? Concerns and Considerations for Developers

Amazon is developing a new Linux-based operating system, codenamed ‘Vega,’ intended to replace Android on devices like Fire TVs, smart displays, and other non-tablet devices. This OS aims to provide a lightweight, web-forward application model, encouraging developers to use React Native for app development.

Vega, not being another Android fork, represents a move towards a more unified and possibly monetizable platform for Amazon’s ecosystem, reducing reliance on Google’s Android. This development could lead to innovative applications and a more agile platform for Amazon’s devices​. Could this be a push to eradicate sideloads, and perhaps force developers into using AWS Services to launch apps into Firestick ? Either way, APK will be Kaput sooner or later

The initiative by Amazon to develop Vega suggests a strategic shift towards a more controlled and possibly proprietary ecosystem, away from Android’s influence. This could affect how applications are developed and distributed for Amazon devices, potentially leading to a distinct software ecosystem.

An SDK is now being readied for release so developers have time to port their apps to Vega ahead of its debut.

“Amazon’s new operating system is also based on a flavor of Linux, and is using a more web-forward application model. App developers are being told to use React Native as an application framework, which allows them to build native apps with Javascript-powered interfaces,” Roettgers says.

When firesticks begin using Vega, some may switch to another streaming device compatible witn Android (APK) — such as the Onn streaming devices from Walmart. The Onn 4K streaming box priced at $19.99. It is a pure Android by Google OS and it works remarkably well.

*Excerpts reformatted from this article