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The partnership will allow 30A Media to reach a wider audience of up to 50 million US homes.

SANTA ROSA BEACH, FL, USA, May 17, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — 30A Media, a leading broadcaster of hyperlocal TV and video programming has signed an agreement with Castify.ai, an omnichannel content distribution platform that allows video content owners to create their own branded OTT applications across multiple smart TV and streaming platforms, for cross-platform streaming TV content distribution and content monetization. Together, 30A Media will be able to reach tens of millions of American households, making it easier for users to enjoy a unified experience across various connected TV (CTV) and mobile applications.

Today’s multi-channel distribution means that a unique coding language is needed for each streaming CTV platform. Choosing to work with multiple CTV brands introduces operational difficulties, requiring numerous software engineers to be called upon in order to implement any small change or features to an application. As a result, companies may choose to only distribute on a handful of selected brands or have multiple applications with various levels of functionality.

With 30A Media’s (30ATV) channel offerings increasing regularly, their agreement with Castify.ai is twofold. First, Castify.ai’s centralized management platform will consolidate the 30A.Media TV network of channels onto one source, which is then seamlessly distributed to various connected TV platforms such as Roku, LG, Amazon-Fire, Hisense, and Toshiba. Second, it enables monetization for existing content partners, while providing insights into earnings and viewership.

Casity.ai’s unified platform provides simplified onboarding, distributing, and monetizing branded OTT applications, as well as growing FAST channels offerings. With one centralized platform, content companies can gain a presence on multiple OTT streaming platforms in the form of a native, highly customizable app., allowing them to focus on the content they produce instead of application development and management.

The decision to streamline processes and work with Castify.ai is in response to demand from our content partners who were looking to modernize and monetize processes. “I am delighted to be working with Castify.ai”, said Paul Vizard, CEO of 30A Media. “This is the next step forward for us as a broadcast network. Our content partners have been asking, and we listened. Castify.ai is a leader in the OTT Streaming TV industry, and their skills and expertise are a great fit.”

30A TV viewers will soon be able to watch the content on all major OTT platforms in a seamless and premium viewing experience.” Said Gal Turjeman, CEO of Castify.ai. I am pleased to be working with 30A Media and to increase their reach into many households, globally.”

About Castify.ai
Castify.ai (https://castify.ai) is an omnichannel content distribution platform that allows video content owners, such as linear TV channels, production houses, and more, a cross-device opportunity to create their own branded OTT applications and channels. Castify.ai offers a simplified, automated, seamless app creation, distribution to multiple OTT platforms, and ongoing monetization, with minimal time and resource investment. By that, Castify.ai allows content owners to focus on producing high-quality content while drastically expanding their audience.

About 30A Media
Broadcasting numerous channels of 24-7 streaming television content under the 30A TV network, 30A Media (http://30a.media) provides access for content producers such as YouTubers, filmmakers, and video podcasters to expand their reach onto streaming TV outlets. Video content producers can increase revenues and gain more viewers by making use of the 30A Media Content Delivery system.

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