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Anthony Wood (ROKU CEO) believes ROKU  lies at the center of the future of entertainment. (MSNBC)
For the first time, streaming has overtaken legacy cable/satellite  in terms of adoption in the U.S. 65% of people aged 18 to 49 watched streaming TV in March 2022, more than the 63% that watched legacy pay/cable TV. (Motley Fool)

The future of entertainment could see streaming become the number 1 choice. TV manufacturers are looking beyond just wifi connectivity. There are huge competitive advantages that could steer companies to streaming TV Advertising  as an incredible investment.

In the U.S., Nielsen reports that audiences spend 46% of their TV time streaming, while eMarketer reports that advertisers spend just 18% of their TV ad budgets on streaming. Both of these will become 100% as eventually all TV and all TV advertising will be streamed.

Although Wood, of course, is referencing ROKU as the leader, in fact, TV Manufacturers are discovering operating systems beyond ROKU.

VIDAA for example, is showing viewers prefer their TV navigation over ROKU by as much as 40%. VIDAA is partnering with content providers such as 30A Media for television programming, and is also investing heavily in advertising suppliers like Castify and Tremor.

What does this all mean ? Traditional (legacy) Television is changing. Fast. Cable and Satellite are showing a mass exodus to streaming TV and using Smart TV’s to view their programming. As a result you can BUY streaming TV advertising far below traditional TV spots cost — and where more viewers are watching  them.

30A Media (30ATV) is on VIDAA and many other syndicated outlets. Streaming advertising is extremely underpriced. Get in on the trend before it becomes mainstream TV pricing.




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