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Following recent trends of the last several years, national linear TV advertising spending continues to weaken slightly compared to previous years, as June dipped 1% to $3.1 billion, according to Standard Media Index.


Continuing to tout connected TV (CTV), its fastest-growing channel, demand-side advertising platform The Trade Desk witnessed another big spike in revenue — up 35% in the second quarter to $377 million, above analysts’ expectations.


“CTV (connected TV — Streaming TV) is evolving faster than anyone predicted,” explains Jeff Green, chief executive officer of Trade Desk, on an earnings call with analysts on Tuesday. “Advertisers are increasingly prioritizing CTV content.”


Green points to continued “walled garden” digital media being “downgraded” by marketers, as well as the advantage that CTV does not rely on cookies.


From all this CTV, along with other digital video, has seen around a 50% revenue growth in the second quarter for the DSP. CTV has a company-leading 40%-plus share of all Trade Desk digital media business.
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